Scoring Course - Fonthill - 31st July

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Chris Burrow is running a scoring course at Fonthill Rifle Club on Sunday July 31st starting at 10.30.

The cost is just £10.

The aim on the scoring course is to enable each club to have a number of people qualified to a set standard to support the activity of self- scoring at club level and move away from posting cards to scorers.

The course includes a PowerPoint presentation to support the guidance and discussions, as well as practical sessions scoring and gauging cards from various distances and disciplines. Prior scoring experience is discussed, as this will influence the grade people get at the end.

We consider the different courses of fire and look at different cards, including ones with unusual shot holes and some that had been shot back to back so that all of us could be more aware of potential problems we may encounter. Attendees share anecdotes which help to illustrate and clarify some issues. Practical work is done in small groups on ‘packs’ of cards which have to scored.  This raises additional questions and helps to assess accuracy and competency at scoring the cards. These assessments are handed in at the end of the course for marking. There is a lot to cover, with inward and outward scoring discussed and the use of standard and oversize gauges.

Those wishing to attend should contact Chris via Fonthill or by using the contact us form.  Please let Chris know by July 23rd.

The following need to be printed out and brought with you.  To save them to your computer right click on the link and select 'save as'.


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Sunday, July 31, 2016 - 10:30