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The Annual P&D "4-in-1" shoot was held on Sunday 7th August in changeable light conditions and an ever increasing breeze.  There is no doubt that those who chose to start early with their 100 yard cards had a distinct advantage. Perfect light and no wind whatsoever.  Later it was a different story with occasional bright, bright, sunny spells , then cloud, then sun, then cloud, then sun..............

It was a great competition enjoyed by our second best attendance of the year.  It is a shame that only 10 P&D shooters turned up - and they were all from one club!  Members of P&D affiliated clubs must make the effort to come along to shoot in events that are organised in your name. Who knows. you might even enjoy yourselves!


English Match

Scottish Match


Double Dewar

The next shoot is an English Match on the South Range on Sunday 18th September.Please come along and even bring a club-mate if possible."        

This English match could be used this as a practice for the 17th Annual Inter-Plymouth International match and Plymouth Challenge which is due to be shot on Sunday October 9th.
Everyone is welcome - remember, in the InterPly, the top 6 Plymouth scores form the Plymouth "A" team, the next six become the "B" team and so on.
Any left over will be deemed "Shooting Reserves".

Similarly, in the concurrent Plymouth Challenge, teams are created by taking the top 6 Devon shooters (other than Plymouth people) to form a "Rest o' Devon  'A' " team, with the next six becoming "Rest o' Devon 'B' " etc.  In the past the InterPly has included teams from New Plymouth, New Zealand;   Plymouth, New Hampshire USA,   and Plymouth, Indiana USA, whilst  the 'Challenge' has been contested by teams from Kenya, the South Dakota National Guard, Cornwall and "The Rest o' The West.