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Bideford have been granted the range safety certificate for our new outdoor range at Melbury, which is the first phase of their build.

TheĀ  site was pruchased in December 2012, and following a grant from Sport England the build started in 2015. So after many months of hard work by both contractors and members they are finally able to start .22 shooting on the new range, and so bring all disciplines back together.

Thanks go out not only to everyone who supported the build with both financial and practical help, but to Okehampton and Budleigh Farm clubs, whose ranges allowed them to continue shooting over the last two years - thank you all.

The official Opening will be in the spring, when everything should be less damp and grey, and we hope that many of you will be able to join them on that day.

Image taken in January 2013 before building commenced

How it is now in December 2016