Devon Shooting Club Celebrates Historic Double

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Budleigh farm Target Shooting Club members have taken inspiration from the success of Devons Olympic athletes to record 2 'firsts' in the Club and Devon County's history over the month of August in smallbore prone shooting.


The first historic win for the Club based at Moretonhampstead was the NSRA Summer Junior Competition, the first time won by a team in Devon and was secured by Henry Davies, Joe Rawlinson, Theodore Madden and Josh Miles who are all under the age of 15. They all shoot as members of Budleigh Farm and were representing the Devon Scouts team in their first entry of its kind. This national competition attracts some of the very best junior team shooters in the country and in order to win, the 4 of them had to shoot two cards of 10 targets each at 25yds with the aim of hitting a dot just 1mm across.


Not to be outdone by the Club Juniors, the top shooters at Budleigh Farm went one better and won the prestigious Astor Cup at the Annual Bisley Shoot during August. It is the first time a Devon Club has accomplished this. Rob Beard, Ken Woodley, David Cooper, Pete Hobbs, Jeff Nichols and John Pugsley found themselves 7 points clear of second-placed rivals Bedford after shooting 20 shots at 50 metres and 20 shots at 100 yards. In order to lift the trophy, each County in the country has a competition amongst their Clubs to find their top Club team. This Club team then represents the County, travels to Bisley and competes against the top Clubs from all the other counties.


“Both these results illustrate just how healthy the sport of target shooting is in Devon and such positive results by Budleigh Farm in both the seniors and juniors shows that Devon is at the forefront of target shooting development in the Southwest” said Eric Robinson, Team Captain at Budleigh Farm Target Shooting Club.