Devon wins Inter-county Air Rifle Competition

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Since last Autumn I have been acting as captain of the air rifle teams representing Devon in two inter-County competitions.

This started with the help and encouragement of Rose Hamley, when we got a team of 5 together in an NSRA competition (no 660) for a 10 round postal comp, based on submitted averages.

We took part in Division 2, 5 teams per division, and finished 4th. 26 teams were entered in 5 divisions.

We also were entered in Comp 663, a single round shoot, straight gun-score, again a team of 5 shooting together on the same day, against all other counties that entered. This took place at Paignton Club on Sunday 3rd April, with Doone Cooper, Sharon Bartlett, Phil Gilbanks, Steve Lloyd and Gary Hill in the team.

I learned at the end of May that the team representing Devon won this competition.

John Ware
Air Rifle Captain